17th Circuit Court Race

Circuit Court judges are typically elected for six year terms. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. If a judge is appointed as a replacement for a judge in the middle of his or her term, the appointee must run in the next election to complete the term of the leaving judge. The partial term would likely be less than six years. For example, in Kathleen’s first election in November of 2000 she was running to finish the last two years of the six year term started by Judge Robert Benson. When that term was complete she ran for her own six year term. She now seeks her fifth six year term. You can vote for the 17th Circuit Court races as part of the general election on Tuesday, November 4.

Kathleen’s Race

Kathleen is seeking re-election to her seat. She obtained nominating petitions to secure her place on the ballot but the Bureau of Elections refused to give her the designation of her office as an incumbent in this election, so she had to file suit in the Court of Claims to ensure her constitutionally-guaranteed designation as Judge of the Circuit Court on the ballot. In 25 days after filing, she obtained a commanding victory in the Court of Claims. So please vote for Judge Feeney in her incumbent seat. On the ballot, you will also see four names for two open seats. Judges Paul Sullivan and Daniel Zemaitis may not seek reelection due to their age, so four lawyers are running to replace those two judges. You will be permitted to vote for two candidates. Please use all two of your votes. It is important that you educate yourself about these candidates and whether they are well-suited and experienced in Family Court matters as both seats will most likely serve the Family Division of the Circuit Court.


*do not forget to vote November 3

*do not forget to vote the non-partisan part of the ballot that includes the judicial elections

*do not forget to vote for the INCUMBENT Judge Kathleen A. Feeney and

*do not forget to vote for the two most qualified candidates for the two open seats on the Kent County Circuit Court