About 17th Circuit Court

The 17th Circuit Court serves Kent County. It is one of the largest of the 57 Circuit Courts in the state of Michigan. There are 14 judges on the bench in the 17th Circuit: 6 dedicated solely to the Civil/Criminal Division (Chief Judge Trusock and Judges Sullivan, Yates, Quist, Denenfeld, and Benson), 7 dedicated solely to the Family Division (Presiding Judge McNabb, myself, Judges Gardner, Hillary, Zemaitis, Ackert and Elmore) and with Judge Rossi splitting his time between the both divisions. The Circuit Court is considered the trial court of general jurisdiction. The cases decided in the Circuit Court include: Civil/Criminal Division General Civil Actions involving claims of $25,000 or more Criminal matter in which the potential sentence is incarceration of one year or more Cases appealed from another court by an administrative agency Superintending control over other courts with the circuit Family Division Domestic relations matters Personal protection orders Juvenile matters pertaining to delinquency or criminal activity Child protective proceedings Parental consent waivers Adoptions Emancipations In 2019, the 17th Circuit Court received over 14,500 new filings, about 4550 in the Civil/Criminal Division and about 9900 in the Family Division. The number of new filings has increased in each of the last several years.